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Thank you for visiting our learning centre. We hope it helps you in your learning and development journey with us.

These resources support the programs, seminars, workshops, coaching, and advisory services we provide.

They are arranged below under the key themes of our work: Leadership and teams; Culture; Productive wellbeing; and Change. If you are looking for a resource and cannot find it, please contact us through Grevillea Consultants.

Access and Passwords

Access to the resources on this site is available to people participating in our programs. When you select a topic a browser security panel will appear requesting your user name and password. These are provided to you during the program.

Access is limited to the period arranged when your program was organised. If you think you should have access but do not have a working user name or password, please contact us.

Learning and development themes

Leaders and Teams

People Dynamics

People in Organisations

Model Programs

Imagining the shape and content of a training or development initiative can be daunting. People often resort to copying what they have seen elsewhere. However, what worked at a particular time or place with one group might not be the best option for the people and situation that you have today. We find it is important to spend time focusing with our clients on what their target outcomes are before looking at the possible ways to achieve them.

To help clients explore possible pathways, we have generic Model Programs available here, on our Learning Centre. You are welcome to browse these to get ideas. We hope they help you think of pathways to help your organisation and people to develop. And, of course, where we can help you to do that, we would love to do so.

COVID-19 Organisational Support

During the disruptions resulting from COVID-19, we are providing support designed to help sustain and enhance teams and leadership. We are doing this using masterclasses and modular programs in addition to our regular services. These include:

  • Masterclass: Sustaining leadership through the recovery.
  • Masterclass: Leading hybrid teams, onsite and remotely.
  • Modular program: Leading from the ground up for new and renewing leaders.
Please contact us for more details. These supports are modified to suit each situation. They are delivered online or face to face, depending on current public health guidelines.

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