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The Grevillea Consultants Learning Centre is a resource for our clients.

When people attend a program, access our consulting services or engage us for a project, we make our resources available to support them.

Our Learning Centre programs, reference material and resources are kept updated to match our ongoing research and development.

Access and Passwords

Access to the Reference Materials and Resources section of this site is available to people participating in our programs. When you select a topic a browser security panel will appear requesting your user name and password. These were provided to you during the program.

Access is time limited, depending on the arrangement when access was set up. If you think you should have access but do not have a working user name or password, please contact us.

Boost Programs

These model programs can be used to provide an integrated service for your organisation. Their power to boost wellbeing and productivity for your team comes from their integrated approach, including

  • Face to face seminars
  • Online resources
  • Individual coaching
  • Progress measurement tools
  • Integration with your culture and business priorities.

The Leading Performance Boost Program

This program brings together supervisor seminars, individual coaching, online resources and tracking and review measures to boost your supervisors. Built on the principle that the role of the supervisor is to ensure everyone succeeds, doing what needs to be done, this program helps you to lift wellbeing and productivity within your organisation.

The Embracing Change Boost Program

Designed to operate concurrently with change in your organisation, this program supports change leaders by brining together learning workshops, facilitating reference groups, leadership coaching and advising sessions as well as the BASIC 8 framework for planning and tracking the progress of change.

The Leaders that Plan Boost Program

This program takes the business or strategic planning process and adds professional and organisational development. It combines facilitated planning processes with thought provoking seminars designed to help your leaders explore where they will take your organisation next.

Reference Material and Resources

Model Programs to Get You Going

We have assembled a range of model programs that match frequent organisational needs. You can browse these programs here to explore what we can do for you.

Programs Designed to Suit Your Needs

As well as our model programs in the Boost series, we can design programs specifically for your organisation. By adapting existing resources or undertaking new research and development, we create an opportunity for you to directly address the issues and opportunities before you.

These materials are developed for you by Grevillea Consultants. You can contact us using these details.