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Our Directors

Paul Hegerty

Paul is our consulting director and manages all consulting relationships with our clients.

  • Fellow of the Institute of Learning Practitioners
  • Member of the Institute of Management Consultants
  • Member of the Change Management Institute

  • He offers a unique range of knowledge and experience drawn from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. His personal experience in leadership, combined with years of study, leads to well grounded, practical outcomes.

    Paul develops strong and loyal bonds with our clients, enthusiastic for their wellbeing and success. His openness and sincerity is greatly appreciated as he travels with clients through often sensitive terrain. He is adept at finding bespoke solutions that are readily adaptable to emerging client needs.

    He continues researching avenues for better practice that help clients get strong, flexible and reliable outcomes. He has been instrumental in developing the Performance Panel and Positive Teams frameworks, along with the Leadership Transition Inventory.

    Paul has created our BASIC 8 Change Management method to fill the gap in the market for a scaleable change management method that works the way change actually happens in organisations.

    He is author of "The Occasional Trainer: Practical tips for busy people who have to train others."

    Leisa Hayes

    Leisa is our education specialist, currently working within the education sector.

    Leisa's focus as a director is on the performance and direction of Grevillea Consultants so it remains a viable support for our clients into the future.

    With post-graduate qualifications in education and guidance counselling, Leisa brings a strong educational and developmental focus to Grevillea Consultants. She has a rich history helping people analyse learning needs and leading groups in developing person focused solutions.

    With her history in program leadership, coaching emerging leaders, and guiding professionals dealing with sensitive matters, Leisa maintains an ongoing concern for the wellbeing of people based on practical outcomes.

    Leisa is currently not taking on consulting clients.

    Our Approach

    Working in the Organisational Development Space

    We work in the organisational devleopment space. We are committed to helping organisations learn and excel in healthy and productive ways.

    It can be hard for people to understand the role of organisational development because it is so complex and is involved in every part of the organisation. Often times it is only the CEO and senior executives who think in the organisational development space. At a local level some managers and supervisors initiate some aspects of organisational development for their teams.

    Organisational development focuses on the organisation itself and its effectiveness and maturity.

    All other strategic areas focus on parts of the organisation's functions and resources. The diagram below illustrates how they link together.

    Effective organisations do organisational development to integrate their activities, learn ways to improve and build a positive, sustainable and productive culture. This is what we help them do.

    Our philosophy

    We love that evidence shows that personal wellbeing and corporate productivity go together. So we work with organisations to help people prosper so together, people, teams and organisations can achieve their goals.

    Organisations need to be productive. Productivity is dependent of people. People want to enjoy their lives.

    Supported by the evidence, we promote the partnership between productivity and wellbeing within organisations. The productivity and wellbeing partnership creates a solid foundation of shared values for a healthy and effective organisation.

    Organisations value productivity to achieve their goals. People value personal wellbeing to live good lives. When combined everyone does well. When put in competition, everyone suffers.

    Productivity and wellbeing go together

    To help organisations achieve this healthy combination we focus on the whole picture: the ability of people to make an organisation successful, creating value for stakeholders while living a satisfying work life. This is why we work in the organisational development space. Here we can help organisations maintain an integrated approach to ongoing success.

    Overall, we are results focused. Results are what organisations exist for. They are what give people a sense of achievement. They are what make a difference to you and your stakeholders.

    Our clients' experiences

    We know our approach works because of the feedback we get from our clients. Their success is what gives our work value.

    Breadth and Depth
    "Paul's regular contact with me, his sage advice and professional guidance was of extraordinary assistance during the successful reorientation of LASA Q - a true partnership.

    Paul has since provided similar services to members of LASA Q. His insight, knowledge and prodigious catalogue of techniques, tactics and business improvement and growth models has been highly valued by me and members alike.

    I highly recommend Paul and I'm grateful for his support, assistance and wise counsel."

    Barry Ashcroft, Former CEO LASA Q

    Effective processes
    "As a person new to the context (a new appointment), I found the process to be extremely useful. It provided me a framework through which I could more easily make judgements about competing priorities. It also allowed me to map a course of action to tackle those priorities identified as crucial to enabling my leadership position to function effectively.

    I have since engaged Mr Hegerty to work with my Administration team to assist us further with our change agenda."

    Gordon Herbertson, School Principal, Education Queensland

    Honest help
    "As I have taken up new leadership challenges over the last seven years, I have actively sought Paul's assistance in managing the various changes that I have sought when commencing in these roles. I have appreciated Paul's passion for helping others fulfil their potential, whilst providing frank and fearless advice to me on what works and what doesn't through his observations of my interactions...

    ...I have valued Paul's work and partly attribute my success to his help."

    Dr. Glen Brown, Executive Director, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

    Cares about us
    "We were very fortunate to have Paul work with us on our strategic and business planning process earlier this year...

    ...The result of his work with us has allowed us to develop a very clear vision for the future coupled with a road map for us to achieve the outcomes we want. Paul is also excellent with follow up and review and one really gets a sense that he cares about the work he is doing and the organisation he is doing it with."

    Anne Warwick, Executive Officer, Pathways to Resilience Trust

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