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Emotional intelligence

Succeeding with people through awareness of self and others

Emotional Intelligence - Taking responsibility for managing ourselves and working well with others
Emotional intelligence consists of the skills we use to understand, manage, and get the best from our emotions and the emotional circumstances of others. They are a key part of our social-emotional capabilities. Because we approach them as a skill, they are something we can learn, review, and develop.

Apart from generally including social-emotional factors as an important part of all aspects of organisational life, we also use two psychometric instruments to help clients reflect on their capabilities. These are the Genos and the EQ-i 2.0 suites of tools. Both are built on evidence based research. We use them with individuals or teams to help them focus on their current learning opportunities.

Please note, if you have undergone an emotional intelligence psychometric process with our facilitator, you cannot access your results here. Due to their confidentiality, they are only accessible directly from the facilitator.

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