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Positive Teams 2.0

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Positive Teams - An integrated approach to wellbeing and productivity
Positive Teams provides you with a sequential approach to removing stressors, establishing team resilience and cultivating practices that build wellbeing to underpin a productive workplace.

The Positive Teams strategy mobilises team members and leaders to identify and remove avoidable stressors in the workplace. Using an evidence based processes, participants can clarify stressors and develop practices to remove them.

As well as avoidable stessors, participants can identify unavoidable stressors that are part of the nature of their work. For example, a clinical unit cannot avoid dealing with the suffering of its patients. The process then enables teams to establish positive and constructive practices for dealing with unavoidable stressors, so people can maintain their wellbeing and focus on their work goals. This helps people turn work factors into a more positive experience.

Finally, the Positive Teams approach focuses on evidence based practices that teams can develop to nourish and sustain their wellbeing. This improves the quality of their work experience and supports their productivity, helping everyone to succeed in a positive way.

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