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Leadership and Teams

Our work with leaders and teams focuses on helping them build their performance and wellbeing. This opens up a wide range of services we can provide:
  • planning
  • team development
  • leadership development
  • coaching
  • localised change and innovation
  • customer service
  • team rehabilitation.
We also have some areas of particular specialisation working with leaders at key times in their careers. This includes:
  • people new to supervising and management
  • developing executive thinking and practices
  • managing the risk faced by leaders and organisations when any leader moves into a new role.
With teams we specialise in enabling positive teams that combine wellbeing and innovation to improve quality of life and performance.

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Bringing it all together

See how the different elements of our organisational development work with leaders and teams can combine to build high quality performance and wellbeing.

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We adopt a norms based approach to culture. This enables people and organisations to integrate their values and behaviours. These can be embedded in policies, systems, procedures, and business plans. In this way, organisations and teams can establish and maintain a positive and productive culture.

Our work with culture is often embedded in our other services, in the fields of leadership, teams, and change. This is because culture influences everything and decides what will really happen in your organisation. This is because culture, at its simplest, is what people think is normal and that is why they will conform to.

Stand alone culture work is usually done in response to particular concerns or initiatives. We help build cultures that are customer focused, outcomes focused, responsive, respectful and responsible. This type of cultural development work is usually done with key leaders or executive teams.

We also help leaders to identify and interpret cultural patterns. This can range from identifying cultural norms that are driving behaviours, decisions, and practices in the organisation. This is often where the key lies to solving persistent organisational problems.

Our cultural work also extends to using corporate data. This may be helping leaders to understand the results of their employee satisfaction surveys and plan their response. We also advocate the use of pulse surveys to generate progressive data so leaders and teams can learn and adapt to generate improvements. This fits with our action-learning approach to generate progress in the complexities of organisational life.

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Making culture practical

See how our approach to organisational culture is straightforward and practical to implement.

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Download the "Culture building for teams" infographic

Productive wellbeing

Optimising organisations involves the link between people's social dynamics and the technical systems they use. A great deal of organisational life happens in the undocumented space of people and relationships. This is why we take seriously the people's personal need for wellbeing - satisfaction, meaning, and happiness in life. At the same time we recognise the importance of productivity for organisations. Without it, they cannot achieve their goals and survive, let alone prosper. So we take the evidence that wellbeing and productivity can reinforce each other to help you to implement practices that increase people's satisfaction through productive leaders and teams.

This mutually supportive link between wellbeing and ongoing productivity is one of the joys of our work. Poor leaders or exploitative organisations are not the best performers. High performance sits with ethical and socially positive organisations whose productivity and success is more reliable over time. We find in our work that people are frustrated when their work is not productive or lacks purpose. However, ideal as this sounds, it does take effort to ensure everything is aligned.

So we work with leaders and teams, using frameworks and processes that help them to map out how their teams and organisations can become better places. There is no single approach that we use with people, since every situation is unique. We start with who you are, your capabilities, and what you are dealing with. Then we apply methods and frameworks that will help, all the time providing you with ongoing support and encouragement.

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In a sense all our work is about change, since organisational development is about generating improvements for organisations and their people. But there are specific programs, projects, and priorities that stand out as 'change' items. These are significant investments of time, resources, and effort to move an organisation or group into a new way of doing business.

We help clients with significant business process change, introducing new systems, and organisational restructures. These are strategic priorities driven by a range of high level business needs. Getting staff, customers, and broader stakeholders on board is critical to the transition. Our advice, planning, coaching, training, communications facilitation, and problem solving services help client achieve change readiness and successfull outcomes.

We are often involved in the beginning phases of change through our leadership development and strategic planning processes. Here we work with leaders to identify business drivers and cultural factors that require change. These open ended processes repeatedly help leaders to identify the direction and steps they need to take to secure good outcomes for their organisation and people.

Cultural change is an area where we support clients in the sometimes confronting processes of cultural development and reform. This could be in the areas of diversity, value creation, leadership and professional standards, customer service, cross-silo cooperation, and any of the many other areas where assumptions, habitual practices, and concealed issues undermine the performance and wellbeing of the organisation. This change is often simpler to achieve than first appears but needs persistance and alertness to ensure the redundant cultural factors don't reassert themselves.

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