Organisational development decision tree for leaders

Choosing practical pathways for your team's development

Local level leadership matters

People work in teams, their primary group. So cutting edge development is at the local team level. Organisation wide programs deal with trends and cannot target the situationally relevant issues that local leaders can.

Local leaders know the local needs, pain points, and opportunities. They deal with team pressures,changing requirements, evolving work norms, missed opportunities, conflicts, improvements waiting to happen, and people who could do better but need attention.

They also know the feelings of relief, confidence, satisfaction, and happiness that come when they successfully address them.

Organisational capabilities matter

Since talk of hard and soft skills leads some people to think that soft skills are easy or optional, we speak of technical and organisational capability.

Technical capabilities deal with task and occupation specific knowledge and skills.

Organisational capabilities enable us to use our technical abilities together. They deal with people, policy, thinking, social systems, self-management, motivation, morale, ethics and accountability. These are what enable people to work together and make organisations productive and healthy.

The importance of the development space

There is a reason organisational development needs external support. We create a safe space to explore, adopt, or reject options and ideas before they affect your operations.

Plus, we provide translation skills. Our knowledge and skills help you to translate research and experience from elsewhere into options and solutions for your situation.

Try this decision tree

This decision tree links local level needs with practical paths forward. You know your need. We know paths to meeting it. Check out the tree, then let’s have a conversation.

decision tree flow chart

Download the pdf version of this brochure and decision tree.

Time to meet and talk

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