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Current Research

Change management practices in residential aged care
in preparation for the single aged care quality standards

Grevillea Consultants is currently assembling a cohort of residential aged care providers to benchmark key change management practices. This is a rare opportunity since providers across the sector are all engaged in the same change with the implementation of the new single aged care quality framework.

Paul Hegerty has presented to the sector on the importance of change management in aged care organisations. While there is some research into how the sector uses change management, more research is important to foster good change practices.

Participation in the research is kept anonymous in the public reporting. However, as a thank-you to participating organisations, a separate report for their own organisation will be provided to assist their own planning and transition.

To find out more about how your organisation can participate, please contact Paul via

Research Program Overview

At Grevillea Consultants we draw on the broad range of evidence based research and peer reviewed research available. This is how we make sure we build programs and resources on sound foundations.

Occasionally, we need to answer a question that cannot be answered from the work of the broader research community. When we do, our participants can access the relevant information from this page.