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Restoring Relationships

Managing the sensitive path from harm to safe relationships

Leaders in Transition - An evidence based framework as insurance for the success of newly appointed leaders
When relationships break down in teams, leaders can be left in a terrible position. The hurt, different views, defensiveness, and anger can paralyse a team and undermine its ability to get results. Guiding people back to a position of safe relationships can seem a chaotic path of traps and full of the risk of further harm.

While situations where acute harm has occurred require corporate and professional involvement, the minor harms of everyday misunderstandings and disappointments may well be manageable by the local leader. If leaders know what to look for and what paths to coach people along, then these minor harms can be resolved before they lead to deeper, more distressing situations.

The Restoring Relationships framework is a tool for managers to plan and guide a way forward. It balances the needs for justice and healing for those hurt with responsiblity and a change of heart for those who have hurt others. It is a guiding framework, since every situation is personal and unique, so no check list can work. Rather, it supports good judgement and practical supervising to help people and teams recover.

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