Leaders that Plan
A Boost Program to lift your organisation

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For leaders who want great plans for meeting their goals, serving customers and uniting their teams.

For organisations that want leaders who focus on priorities and integrated team performance.

For professionals who want to get the best for their business.



Planning is a core leadership responsibility

Leaders plan at different levels, from the whole of organisation to individual business units. (Individual performance planning is covered in the Leading Performance Boost Program.) This requires the capability to think comprehensively about the different dimensions required for a balanced, relevant and focussed plan.

Can a complex a business be simplified?

It can’t but the way we think about it can. Applying an interrelated functions framework over the business enables people to see how it all fits together. People can deal more easily with the complex details of any particular part of the business without losing sight of how it fits together. This makes it possible for a balanced and coordinated approach to business, even in times of major change.

The Performance Panel

The interrelated functions framework that this program uses is the Performance Panel and its subordinate frameworks. These frameworks help participants explore how they can lead and plan for key business functions and responsibilities.

Integrated Program Elements

The program combines layers to integrate the different avenues of learning available in organisations.


(Components are priced separately)

Seminars - per group
Coaching - per person/small group
Progress measures - per round
On-line resources - The Learning Centre access is complimentary with the above


4 part day seminars over 1-2 months
Concurrent with or following seminars

Condensed Programs or on-line delivery are negotiable for regional and other needs


10 – 20


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or call: 0421 080 311

“You have a budget, but do you have the action plan the budget should represent? We see countless cases where the numbers are assembled painstakingly and presented expertly but have little to do with the reality of running the business. A one-year operating plan sets forth a template for achievement. It synchronises all of the organisation’s parts and links them with the strategy and people processes.”

Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan


Seminars - structured conversations, leader and stakeholders’ panels, practical frameworks and tools.

Coaching - confidential exploration, current hot issues, situational analysis, key readings.

On-the-job learning - peer learning partnerships, action-learning processes, workplace small projects.

Progress measures - on-line surveys, periodic measures, status reports.

Seminar Themes

Seminar 1 (part day) - Enrichment
Creating value for stakeholders: niche and design

  • Know our customers and the value they seek
  • Understand value in the customer’s terms
  • Design what we do to match customer needs
  • Make things useful, cost effective and reliable
  • Get teams to want beneficial outcomes for customers
  • Declare our niche and build on it

Seminar 2 (part day) - Involvement
Engaging stakeholders and proving our worth

  • Engage customers, investors, suppliers and neighbours
  • Build relationships with the people we rely on
  • Get results that customers recognise and that gain their trust
  • Perform to reduce cost and increase value for customers
  • Build processes and systems that produce quality results
  • Demonstrate the value and benefits that our business provides

Seminar 3 (part day) - Alignment
Bringing operations together to achieve strategic goals

  • Commit to a vision and goals that produce something
  • Think strategically to deal with substitutes and market change
  • Reinforce the core revenue generator
  • Build relationships and habits that lead to success
  • Increase business value, revenue and security
  • Establish cooperative operations that keep the pipeline flowing
  • Take responsibility for who does what, where and when

Seminar 4 (part day) - Integration
Uniting leaders and teams in a positive, productive culture

  • Match leadership actions and where people are at
  • Build responsibility for a positive and productive culture
  • Set expectations for performance and practices
  • Sustain the positive well-being of the team
  • Match responsibilities to capabilities and development
  • Communicate clear priorities and reinforcing right actions


Boost programs integrate different avenues of learning and development:

This balance provides your organisation with effective solutions to your in-house developmental needs.

The programs provide frameworks, research and data applied to real organisational challenges. These give your leaders and teams practical options for working together to build wellbeing and productivity in your organisation.

The programs adapt their priorities and content to support the senior leadership priorities of your organisation. This adaptability, combined with the practical focus on effective action, increases their value to your organisation as a structured but responsive boost to your performance.


Programs are delivered at your premises or a suitable venue of your choice.

Programs are adjusted as needed. The experiential content is designed so learning focuses on current business challenges and priorities.

Regional programs can be provided for groups distributed across rural and remote regions. A condensed program which combines face to face and on-line delivery can be designed to reduce travel costs between local centres.