Leading Performance
A Boost Program to lift your organisation

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For leaders who want to maximise the ability of their people to perform.

For organisations that want to build a culture of productivity and wellbeing in teams.

For supervisors who want to increase their ability to help their teams to succeed.



The role of the supervisor it to enable everyone to succeed

Supervisors succeed when they get everyone in their teams to succeed at doing the right things well. Their responsibility co-exists with each individual contributor’s responsibility to do well. However, the individual contributor cannot succeed without clear expectations, feedback and guidance about what is required from their role.

Are you wasting resources on formal performance planning?

A common complaint in organisations is that the annual performance planning process is a costly waste of time. This is because it is not used effectively throughout the year. The annual plan is the project plan for each person about what they will do to succeed. When supervisors and individual contributors know how to use it well it can help improve productivity and wellbeing within the team.

The Performance Target

The Performance Target combines the strategic and tactical with the rational and non-rational dimensions of what it takes to help people to perform. It brings them together in a easily understood and balanced approach to managing performance.

Integrated Program Elements

The program combines layers to integrate the different avenues of learning available in organisations.


(Components are priced separately)

Seminars - per group
Coaching - per person/small group
Progress measures - per round
On-line resources - The Learning Centre access is complimentary with the above


3 part day seminars over 1-2 months
Concurrent with or following seminars

Condensed Programs or on-line delivery are negotiable for regional and other needs


10 – 20


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or call: 0421 080 311

“The importance of feedback as a tool for enhancing performance in organisations can hardly be overestimated. Research has consistently shown that feedback has strong positive effects on the performance of both individuals and groups.”

James R. Larson, Jr.


Seminars - structured conversations, research and practitioner evidence, practical frameworks and tools.

Coaching - confidential exploration of performance and team building challenges.

On-the-job learning - peer learning partnerships, application of content to work situations.

Progress measures - on-line surveys, periodic measures, status reports

Seminar Themes

Seminar 1 (part day) Planning for Success

  • The role of supervisor is to make everyone succeed
  • Linking performance to business objectives
  • Formal performance planning
  • Use and frequency of formal planning and review meetings
  • Combining formal and informal reviews
  • Communication skills - Emotions, decisions and agreement

Seminar 2 (part day) Feedback - The engine room for high performing teams

  • The nature of feedback
  • Effective feedback - reinforcement or redirection (positive or negative)
  • The structure of feedback
  • The frequency of feedback
  • Choosing feedback settings
  • The technique of quick feedback
  • Communication skills - Avoiding the closed feedback sandwich
  • Culture and standards - Reinforcing a safe and healthy environment

Seminar 3 (part day) Wellbeing for Productivity

  • The non-rational part of teams
  • Evidence of the link between wellbeing and productivity
  • Proactive practice - Flow, meaning and pleasure
  • Building flow into role requirements
  • Creating meaning for focus and direction
  • Adding a little pleasure to teams
  • Building a wellbeing plan in your team


Boost programs integrate different avenues of learning and development:

This balance provides your organisation with effective solutions to your in-house developmental needs.

The programs provide frameworks, research and data applied to real organisational challenges. These give your leaders and teams practical options for working together to build wellbeing and productivity in your organisation.

The programs adapt their priorities and content to support the senior leadership priorities of your organisation. This adaptability, combined with the practical focus on effective action, increases their value to your organisation as a structured but responsive boost to your performance.


Programs are delivered at your premises or a suitable venue of your choice.

Programs are adjusted as needed. The experiential content is designed so learning focuses on current business challenges and priorities.

Regional programs can be provided for groups distributed across rural and remote regions. A condensed program which combines face to face and on-line delivery can be designed to reduce travel costs between local centres.