Supporting your Sector

Serving the government, corporate and community sectors

We bring extensive experience working with state and local governments.  We are familiar with the unique context of working in government, delivering government priorities and services to industry and the community.

We also serve the corporate sector with a keen focus on performance and customer service.  Our methods are researched and developed with a view to generating return on investment for our clients.

We draw on decades of experience with community and service organisations.  Additionally, we have a special focus on the leadership and performance requirements of the Age Care sector.  We work with peak bodies and service delivery organisations, both large and small.

Government and Corporate

The benefits we create for these sectors include:

CEO and Executive Development
We help the executive level of the organisation work collaboratively for a whole-of-organisation approach to leadership, strategy, change and performance.

Mergers and Machinery-of-Government Changes
We bring together teams from different organisations to develop a renewed commitment and performance for the combined organisation.

Business Process and Organisational Change
We work with business areas to bring their people on board with significant changes in their business and organisational processes and structures.

Leadership Effectiveness
We help leaders to performance manage teams during status quo periods and to guide performance and achievement through periods of change.

New Leader Development
We develop new leaders, either through training or coaching, so they can accelerate their growth as leaders, especially when they are faced with significant challenges in their new role.

Team Development
We draw on a range of options to create unique opportunities for teams to improve their resilience, morale and performance.

Functional Performance Review
We help clients to understand the experience of their customers, staff and stakeholders as they strive to deliver planned business goals.

Recruitment and Selection
We contribute to selection panels with advice and organisational support as they select staff for key or sensitive roles.

Community and Age Care

The benefits we create for these sectors include:

Service Delivery Development
We help teams to indentify opportunities for performance improvement and to develop practical, reviewed solutions that their teams and organisational leaders can implement.

Strategic Performance Orientation
We work with leaders and teams to identify their mission and service priorities, reconnecting with service recipients and other stakeholders for a stronger, focused service organisation.

CEO Recruitment
We help boards to identify the issues and attributes required by new CEOs, with support throughout the recruitment and on-boarding processses.

Leadership Role Transition
We coach leaders as they move into new roles, identifying critical areas to secure a successful transition and accelerate their performance outcomes.

Strategic and Business Planning
We guide teams through planning processes to identify their value creation role, how they will deliver it and for whom.

Team Development
We build the resilience, confidence and cooperation in teams to reinforce morale and reduce stress.